Jamie & Bryants Yosemite Engagement

Yosemite national Park, CALIFORNIA


Earlier this year I traveled to California to Yosemite National Park with Kaylea from K.R. Moreno Photo, where our sweet couple Jaimie and Bryant wanted to have their engagement photos. I’ve traveled to many beautiful places all around the world, but Yosemite literally took my breath away. I remember taking out my iphone in an attempt to capture the breathtaking scenery, and just thought how the photo looked nothing like what I saw in person. I am so impressed by Kaylea for being able to capture the beauty of our couple and grandeur of the landscape in all of the beautiful images below.

Photos by K.R. Moreno Photography


Your flowers should be just as beautiful when you and your love are dancing the night away as when you kissed at the altar.

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