Grosse Pointe War Memorial Editorial


Photography by Shanell Photography

Brides, if you are looking for a venue that'll make you feel like you're in Italy, then look no further! One of my absolute favorite venues to design florals for is the Grosse Pointe War Memorial. The history here is so rich, with the stunning wood lined rooms, and fireplaces taller than me that still work! Not only that, but the venue is basically indestructible after it was rebuilt with thick cement walls! Being such a beautiful venue, it was the perfect choice for our romantic editorial shoot.


Choosing the models was easy! I remember seeing Cassandra on the Bachelor a few years back, and knew she was a model living in my area. As soon as we started planning this shoot, I knew I wanted to work with her! When I reached out to her, and she said yes, I literally did a happy dance (not even kidding!). She is by far one of the sweetest people I have ever met, and she is GORGEOUS. Next, we needed a groom, and that was just as easy because Cassandra was dating this hottie (Andre), and he agreed to the shoot as well. So now we had a real life couple with crazy good chemistry, and a stunning venue, we just needed the perfect flowers to match!


I wanted to choose flowers that were bold, yet soft and dusty, and small pops of dark burgundy. I used smaller amounts of greenery to keep it a story about the flowers, but still enough to elongate the bouquet. Some of the gorgeous blooms used here were, Dahlias, Clematis, Garden roses, Ranunculus, and stunning orchids. Orchids take any bouquet or arrangement from ordinary, to luxurious so I made sure to make it the main flower in the grooms boutonniere. One of the things I feel makes me stand out is the fact that I LOVE using unique blooms with different textures, shapes, and colors. I feel that it gives the bouquet or arrangement more depth and appeal. Plus, who wants to work with the same stuff over and over again!?

The venue has stunning fireplaces so we knew that would be the perfect backdrop for our ceremony. We lined the top of the mantel with 3 different types of greenery, and continued that cascading down one side of the fireplace. We added small touches of burgundy hanging amaranthus to add a little bit of color to the piece. At the base of the fireplace we added a variety of pillar candles to add some light and romance, perfect for an intimate ceremony!


The custom table was built by my super handy hubby! He loves woodworking, and creates a lot of my custom pieces for weddings. We paired the table with amazing rentals from Event Source, and adorned it with sweet figs, and burgundy taper candles.


One of the hardest parts about planning a shoot outdoors is the possibility of rain. Unfortunately we can't control the weather, and Michigan is known for it's unpredictable and sudden weather. So when it started to drizzle we knew we only had a limited amount of time left to finish shooting. What started out as a bright romantic shoot, ended with dark and moody vibes, but we totally loved it, and made the best out of it! Some of my favorite images from this shoot are actually the ones Shanell was able to capture in the rain! Crazy, right? See for yourself below!


Pretty gorgeous, right? In my opinion, the rain and dark clouds made the shoot that much better! Oh, and Hugo, obviously! Hugo is the classic vintage car with a lot of personality. He is the go to in Metro Detroit if you're looking for a classic way to get to your wedding.


Ok, so here's the best part... The cake, and desserts! Brook Lafore from Brookies Cookies and Cakes is seriously the cake queen. She creates stunning designs, delicious desserts, and let's us eat them after every shoot we do together! Now that right there makes the whole thing worth it. We were lucky enough to have Miss Mixology at the shoot as well to create some unique cocktails, that were just as tasty, as they were pretty!

Rain or not, this was my favorite shoot to date! I love these because I get to unleash my creativity, and collaborate with other amazing vendors. Plus, we get to hang out all day surrounded by so many beautiful things!

Share your thoughts on the shoot below. I'd love to see what you think of the moody vibes, and what publication you think it would be a good fit for!


Flowers: Violet Rose Floral

Photography: Shanell Photography

Planning: Mitten Weddings & Events

Model: Cassandra Ferguson

Cake/Deserts: Brookies Cookies & Cakes

Vintage Car (Hugo): Motor City Vintage Rentals

Cocktails: Miss Mixology

Venue: Grosse Pointe War Memorial

Calligraphy: Oh Eleven Creative