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Create an organic floral arrangement in 4 easy steps

Wedding trends are constantly changing, especially when it comes to the floral design aspect. From the rustic babys breath in mason jars, to the roundy moundy Hydrangea arrangements, to now the very popular organic styling, theres no denying every couple of years we see an abundance of changing trends. I personally love to design all of my arrangements more organically with lots of movement and texture to mimic what we see in nature. This allows my work to remain timeless despite the ever changing trends. While this more organic and wandering style looks effortless, it can be intimidating to design, so I’ve put together 4 easy steps to help you achieve the same organic garden inspired floral arrangements.

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Why wedding flowers cost so much

Quite often the first question I get asked is "how much?".  It's a very difficult question to answer with a quick number, because there are so many different factors that go into the floral total. Unlike a lot of other wedding vendors, most florists don't offer packages because the work is completely customized to the specific needs of each couple. There are 3 main components that make up the total cost of a floral proposal; the product itself (flowers), the labor, and supplies.

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