Who I am, and why I'm here


People always dream of a career where they do what they love and get paid for it, I just never thought it would happen for me. Thinking back to my high school days I was never the one that knew exactly what I wanted to be when I “grew up”. I was always so envious of my peers that knew what college they would be going to and what they would be studying. What I did know was that I wanted to run my own business. From as early as high school to working the fast pace corporate world, I just knew there was something bigger than punching a clock. I attended 3 different universities in the hopes that it would lead me to what I was meant to be doing. It wasn’t until I started planning my own wedding years later that I figured it out.

 Thinking over ideas for floral centerpieces, and bouquets for my wedding was so much fun! Looking at the endless pretty photos on Pinterest and sending them to my florist was the best part of the planning process. I was lucky enough that my florist allowed me to come shadow her on a few weddings she was decorating, and I fell in love! I owe her for exposing me to this industry, and blowing my mind with the skill to transform an ordinary room, into a stunning space. Floral design has become a true passion of mine ever since. I realized how much I loved arranging flowers, so in the beginning I was buying them from anywhere I could, mainly the grocery store (rolling my eyes lol). At first, of course they were not very good at all.  I had no idea what I was doing, but all I did know is that I fell in love with whatever it was that I was doing.


I worked full time at a mortgage company, doing what I believed to be my career. Doing what I thought I loved and working with people who had become my family, but every night I would come home and get back to arranging. Every spare second of my days I spent researching trends, tutorials, anything that would help me figure out how to be a floral designer. Every day got a little easier knowing I was capable of making this so much bigger. My amazing husband always reminding me how great my work was, and I was starting to believe him.


Then it lead into, hoping and praying for just one wedding, just one. I knew all it would take was one bride to believe in my work and I would hit the ground running. Well, that is all it took.  June 2015 I did all the arrangements and bouquets for my beautiful bride. It was AMAZING. It almost felt like an out of body experience. Where I was combining my passion and work together, what everyone dreams of doing and I was doing it. I will never forget that intense anxiety of my first wedding. My mission was to deliver the most beautiful, and perfect wedding for my bride. I did not want my one and only client to be disappointed. Funny, I did not tell her it was my first wedding. I was so unsure how to explain to someone who just trusted me with the most important day of their lives that this, yes her wedding, was my first booking.


The day had come, my first wedding. My first official arrangements and their presentation (I am confident I was sweating bullets) were there all on display for the world to see. I nailed it! I exceeded even my own expectations. It was such a beautiful wedding and everything that went into making it the perfect day, was perfect. The compliments I received from her and her family are words I will never forget. Their words have truly been the backbone to my success. It reminded me that all hard work and sleepless nights were all worth it.


Now fast-forward three years, I've done many beautiful weddings and made so many amazing arrangements, that looking back to my grocery store flowers and trips to Costco it makes me laugh. Not only have I grown as a person but also so has my business. I have officially resigned from my “career” and what I called my second home to focus solely on my business as a floral designer. Not only have I taken a step back from corporate America, I have stepped up my game in the design world. In March 2017,  I have officially rebranded myself and the business, with a new look, team member, and name - Violet rose Floral.


The opportunity to create stunning weddings with beautiful flowers gives me goosebumps. I love my late nights playing with flowers and arranging gorgeous centerpieces. I love that I have found my passion, and way to express my creativity through these blooms. This business gives me life! No words can describe the feeling I get when my brides see their bouquets for the first time and fall in love. When they walk into their venue and see their tables drenched in flowers, and are in awe. I live for those moments! Those moments are the ones that make it all worth it. I absolutely love what I do, and I want this blog to be an expression of that.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and answer any questions! Feel free to leave some comments below, or you can always reach me at natalia@violetrosefloral.com.